Some Basic Insights On Establishing Core Criteria Of Laser Eye Surgery In Dubai


That includes: Tests for thickness of your cornea Tests of the curvature of your cornea Tests for astigmatism and a cone-shaped cornea afterwards the doctor will discuss whether you are a good candidate for laser vision-correction surgery and, if so, what procedure is most appropriate. After the corneal flap is created, the surgeon then uses a computer to adjust the exciter laser for your particular prescription. These drops may cause a momentary slight burn or blurring of your vision when you use them. london laser eye surgeonThe laser used most often is the exciter laser, which produces a beam of ultraviolet light to vaporize tissue. you can try hereIf you are over the age of 40, you will probably need reading glasses after laser eye surgery. Do you have realistic expectations of what LASIK surgery can achieve for you? In contrast, LASIK and other forms of refractive surgery are intended to correct the eye’s refractive error to reduce the need for other visual aids. Your vision may be a bit blurry immediately after the procedure, but this is perfectly normal. Argon Laser Trabeculoplasty ALU: For the treatment of primary open-angle glaucoma pong. Photorefractive Keratectomy PRC – similar in nature to LASIK, but does not require the creation of a corneal flap. Boxer Wachler, MD On this page: How is LASIK performed?

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