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In this new non-board role at Summit, Dr Roblin will lead R&D and Commercial functions to support the development of the DMD and CDI programmes. Dr Roblin, who has been acting as a research and development adviser to Summit since 2014, will Thanks for this take up his new role on an interim basis in April 2017 with this becoming full-time in June 2017. Dr Roblin has had a highly successful career in the life sciences industry, including senior leadership roles at Pfizer and Bayer, which involved overseeing the research, Shared this development and commercial launch of drugs across several therapy areas including infectious diseases. Dr Roblins most recent role was COO and Director of Scientific Translation at the Francis Crick Institute, a London-based biomedical institute dedicated to understanding the fundamental biology underlying health and disease. Mr Glyn Edwards, Chief Executive Officer of Summit said: David has had a distinguished career in the biopharmaceutical industry with over 25 years of experience, and we are delighted he is committing himself to Summit as COO and President of R&D. David will be instrumental to Summit as we continue to advance our two important medicines in DMD and CDI through late-stage clinical trials. Summit has two strong scientific programmes with the potential to significantly advance the current standard of care in their respective disease areas. In CDI, the positive results from Summits Phase 2 proof of concept trial highlight ridinilazoles impressive translational medicine story, and in DMD, we are nearing the first data from our Phase 2 trial of ezutromid evaluating the mechanism for utrophin modulation, said Dr David Roblin. As we continue to advance both programmes in the clinic, I look forward to working with the team with the goal of delivering success for patients and their families, and our shareholders. About Dr David Roblin MBBS, BSc, FRCP, FFPM Dr David Roblin has had an extensive and highly successful career in the life sciences industry. Dr Roblin held senior leadership roles at Pfizer and Bayer where he was involved in research, development and commercialisation. At Pfizer, he was Head of Research, Site Director and CMO for Europe R&D and he and his units were responsible for the development of several important and successful medicines. At Bayer, he was Head of Therapy Area for Anti-infectives where he was involved in the successful development of a number of antibiotics, including Avelox and Cipro.

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UK medicine

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